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We will miss you!
Bitter Tears Darling, Bitter Tears...

After 2.8 decades we are closing The Gate to the public.

After 2.8 decades The Gate is closing It's Gate to the public. It was a great run. We worked in the industry for many years. We were one of the first to sign onto iTunes with Steve Job’s at Apple before anyone knew it was coming. We have worked with the New York Times and the Times Capsule project, HBO, Riverdance. We worked with hundreds of artists around the world. Including The USA DOD, The US Army and US Navy. In addition, we were one of the last companies to use one of the best studios on the west coast in San Francisco Bay Area before they had to close. We worked with Chris and Cosey, Nina Hagen and many more.

Now that the industry has changed. We all have found that it is not worth it anymore. The new ones are thinking and believing they are artists. When all they to is mix beats and use software and other peoples music to do it. Please little darlings you still can't afford the tools and the software you need. Overusing pitch changing to make up for lack of talent is truly a sign of the destruction of the industry. Everyone that is a good or great music engender knows this. Everyone is not BT people. He has talent! The rest of you sound ridiculous. The industry is destroyed by the majors and we are tired of dealing with these no-talent people and the Music Industry! We have been there and done that. Leaving the public eye will be refreshing.

We will miss everyone and we say goodbye to you all except for a few clients. You are welcome to request us to work on projects. Just fill out our questionnaire. We will review the information and see if we are a good fit for your project.

~ Bitter Tears Darling, Bitter Tears...  Crying

Award winning music mastering, video, 3-D and web content. The Gate has over 20 years experience working in audio, video, design, image creation and development.

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